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The RTP Area Chapter of the LSU Alumni Association

SEC Championship Game

It's time to start playing the games that mean everything! The ride for the 2012 season of LSU football has reached its penultimate destination of Atlanta for the SEC Championship Game, against the Georgia Bulldogs. The Georgia Dome is likely to be decked out in red, given not only its proximity but the fact that UGA knew for sure that they were playing in the game a week ahead of LSU. Doesn't matter, of course - this team is the most battle tested, road warrior group of Tigers that's been seen in a long time.

LSU vs Arkansas

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! The 2011 season has certainly been something for LSU fans to be thankful for and an absolute dream season, so far. For the first time since 1958, LSU is 11-0. You also have to go back that far to find a time that LSU has been ranked #1 more then the current streak of 9. These are truly the "good ol days"!

LSU vs Ole Miss

It's back to SEC action this week with LSU taking on Ole Miss in Oxford. At least, on paper it's a conference game - last week's foe from the Sunbelt Conference, Western Kentucky, might be a better team. Is it possible that decades of Tiger fans chanting "Go to hell Ole Miss go to hell!" have worked? The bottom seems to have dropped out over there. Meanwhile, LSU is in an unprecedented position of actually being able to afford a loss at the end of the season and still appear able to clinch a spot in the SEC and BCS title games.

LSU vs Western Kentucky

Hopefully everyone has enjoyed the last several days after the huge win in Tuscaloosa. Has that glow from last Saturday night's epic game started to fade yet? Hopefully the bruises from that epic and physically brutal contest have faded a little for the players. Fortunately for LSU, the schedule was masterfully constructed with a game this week against Western Kentucky, which will be a much needed respite from the SEC schedule. It's homecoming and a night game in Tiger Stadium, and the offense will be very much looking to get back in a groove.

Game of the Century is ON!

November 5 and the long anticipated #1 LSU vs #2 Alabama game is finally in sight. Game of the year... decade... century? Considering that there has never been a regular season SEC game matching a #1 vs #2, and considering the SEC's status as the unquestioned premier conference in the land, hyping this as the "game of the century" could actually be underselling it! Are you enjoying the hype or sick of it? Whatever the case, it's amazing and wonderful to see LSU at the epicenter of college football.


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